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Distributed IP Mobility Management

  • Carlos J. Bernardos
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Distributed IP Mobility Management (DMM) refers to the concept of placing mobility anchors closer to the user, distributing the control and data infrastructures among the entities located at the edge of the access network. This allows the mobile node’s traffic to take an optimal route while enabling the mobile node move between mobility anchors. DMM appears as an alternative to classical centralized IP mobility management approaches, complementing them for better performance and scalability.


Classical IP mobility management solutions, such as Mobile IPv6 (Perkins et al., 2011) or Proxy Mobile IPv6 (Gundavelli et al., 2008), require the presence of a central entity (home agent or local mobility anchor) that anchors the IP address used by the mobile node (MN). This centralized function is in charge of coordinating the mobility management. As a result, these centralized mobility anchors are burdened with data forwarding and...
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