Organizing Unions as Social Policy

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Card check: An alternative to a union election, in which the NLRB verifies that more than half of the eligible employees at a company have signed union authorization cards and then certifies that the union has been approved. The company must agree to this process.

Closed shop: Unionized companies in which joining the union is a condition of employment. Outlawed under right-to-work laws.

Fair election principles: A set of guidelines establishing “equal time” for both the company and the union to discuss their positions during work hours. The company must allow organizers onto company property to conduct meetings, video screenings, flyer distribution, etc. It also must refrain from threatening workers and allow them to decide freely.

Neutrality: The company agrees to refrain from interfering with the unionization effort by showing antiunion videos, making antiunion statements, intimidating or threatening workers, or otherwise attempting to prejudice workers against the union....

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