Politics and Ethics

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Code of right and wrong; Conduct; Decency; Functional government; Governance; Honesty; Honor; Integrity; Moral philosophy; Moral practice; Principles

In the popular imaginary, politics and ethics seem to be an oxymoron for all too many around the world. Cynicism, bias, partiality, and reckless passion may rule, squeezing out ethical considerations. Global polling shows that politics and politicians are often seen as selfish and corrupt power-players, defending special interests. Problems abound as humanity is exhausting the carrying capacity of the planet. Examples of the disregard for human ethics are evident in the widespread proliferation of military weapons, the lingering implementation of the death penalty, and the sometimes willful neglect of public services. Safeguards incentivizing corporate responsibility have been removed in the few places where they existed ushering in an era of rash and widespread monetization of public goods. Without trust in, and respect for,...

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