Renovascular Hypertension, Vasculitis, and Aortic Coarctation

  • Kjell TullusEmail author
  • Wesley Hayes
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High blood pressure in children is caused by vascular abnormalities in the aorta such as coarctation or mid-aortic syndrome or in the renal arteries in a significant proportion of cases. The underlying causes are mostly unknown but thought to be an abnormality in the blood vessel wall often called fibromuscular dysplasia. Inflammation in the vessel wall, vasculitis, can also cause hypertension. Vascular abnormalities are important to diagnose as in most cases they are amenable to surgery or angioplasty.


Renovascular hypertension Renal artery stenosis Mid-aortic syndrome Angiography Renal vein renins Angioplasty Stenting Coarctation aorta 


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