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Handbook of Human Motion

pp 1-13

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Data-Driven Hand Animation Synthesis

  • Sophie JörgAffiliated withSchool of Computing, Clemson University Email author 


As virtual characters are becoming more and more realistic, the need for recording and synthesizing detailed animations for their hands is increasing. Whether we watch virtual characters in a movie, communicate with an embodied conversational agent in real time, or steer an agent ourselves in a virtual reality application or in a game, detailed hand motions have an impact on how we perceive the character. In this chapter, we give an overview of current methods to record and synthesize the subtleties of hand and finger motions. The approaches we present include marker-based and markerless optical systems, depth sensors, and sensored gloves to capture and record hand motions and data-driven algorithms to synthesize movements when only the body or arm motions are known. We furthermore describe the complex anatomy of the hand and how it is being simplified and give insights on our perception of hand motions to convey why creating realistic hand motions is challenging.


Hand motions Fingers Character animation Data-driven animation Virtual characters Motion capture