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Aldrich, Robert Anderson (1917–1998)

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English Names

Robert Anderson Aldrich

Original Names


Date, Country, and City of Birth

December 13, 1917, Evanston, IL, USA

Date City of Death

September 16, 1998, Seattle, WA, USA

History of Life

Robert Anderson Aldrich, American pediatrician, was born in Evanston, Illinois, in 1917. He was the son of a distinguished American pediatrician, Charles Anderson Aldrich (1888–1949), professor of pediatrics at the Mayo Clinic and eponymously remembered for Aldrich’s test, an intradermal salt solution test employed especially in young children and infants to study states of edema and dehydration. Robert earned a Bachelor of Science degree at the Amherst College, Massachusetts, in 1939 and an M.D. at Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago – first in his class – in 1944. He spent the next 2 years serving with the US Navy as a medical officer – lieutenant, senior grade – at Iwo Jima and Okinawa. After discharge from naval duty, he completed pediatric residency training followed by a...


Mayo Clinic German Journal Department Chairman Pediatric Residency Amherst College 
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Books and Publications

  1. Aldrich, R. A., Steinberg, A. G., & Campbell, D. C. (1954). Pedigree demonstrating a sex-linked recessive condition characterized by draining ears, eczematoid dermatitis and bloody diarrhea. Pediatrics, 13(2), 133–139.Google Scholar
  2. Wiskott, A. (1937). Familiärer, angeborener Morbus Werlhofii? (“Familial congenital Werlhof’s disease?”). Montsschr Kinderheilkd, 68, 212–216.Google Scholar

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