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Abrikosov, Alexei Ivanovich (1875–1955)

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English Names

Abrikosov, Alexei Ivanovich

Original Names

Абрикосов, Алексей Иванович

Other Names

Abrikosow/ff, Alexej Iwanowitsch (German)

Date, Country, and City of Birth

January 6 (by the then valid calendar) 18, 1875, Moscow, Russia

Date City of Death

April 9, 1955, Moscow, Russia

History of Life

Abrikosov was born as grandson of the owner of Russia’s oldest confectionery fabric (founded in 1804, today under the label Babayevsk). From 1886 to 1894, he visited the private gymnasium of F. I. Kreyman, which was considered being one of the best ones in Moscow. The curriculum was of a classical, Western Europe-oriented type. After having finished the gymnasium, Abrikosov studied medicine at Moscow University. Among his teachers were the anatomist Dmitri N. Zernov (1843–1917) and the physiologist Ivan M. Sechenov (1829–1905), after whom today’s First Moscow State Medical University (and its predecessors) is named. Other teachers included the organic chemist...


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Books and Publications

  1. Abrikosov, A. (1904). О первых анатомических изменениях в лёгких при начале лёгочного туберкулёза [On the first anatomical changes in the lungs in the beginning of lung tuberculosis]. Dissertation, Moscow.Google Scholar
  2. Abrikosoff, A. (1926). Über Myome ausgehend von der quergestreiften willkuerlichen Muskulatur [On myomata originating from the fasciated voluntary musculature]. Virchows Archiv für Pathologische Anatomie und Physiologie und für Klinische Medizin, 260, 215–223. [Description of “myoblastomyoma”/ granular cell tumor]Google Scholar
  3. Abrikosov, A. (1947). Частная патологическая анатомия [Surgical pathological anatomy] (part 1–3) Moscow-Leningrad.Google Scholar
  4. Abrikosov, A. (1949). Основы общей патологической анатомии [Basics of general pathological anatomy] (9th ed.) Moscow.Google Scholar
  5. Abrikosov, A. (1950). Основы частной патологической анатомии [Basics of surgical pathological anatomy]. (4th ed.) Moscow.Google Scholar

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