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Alzheimer, Alois (1864–1915)

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English Names

Alois Alzheimer

Original Name

Aloysius Alzheimer

Other Names

Aloysius “Alois” Alzheimer

Date Country and City of Birth

June 14, 1864, Marktbreit, Bavaria

Date City of Death

December 19, 1915, Breslau, Prussia (present-day Wrolaw, Poland)

History of Life

Aloysius, or Alois as he was usually called, Alzheimer was born June 14, 1864 in Marktbreit, Bavaria, Germany, as the son of the notary Edward Alzheimer and his second wife Barbara Busch (sister of his first wife who had died). As child the family moved to Aschaffenburg (more than 100 km away), to give the children the opportunity to attend the Kronberg-Gymnasium in that city. After this high school training, Aloysius attended the medical school at Würzburg University, interrupted for a study period in Tübingen. He defended in 1887 his dissertation on the function of cerumenal glands and finished his medical training in 1888.

The same year Alzheimer was accepted as junior doctor (Assistenenzartzt,) in psychiatry with Prof....


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  1. A current international neuropathological consensus definition of Alzheimer disease can be found at www.ICDNS.org.

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