NMR Diffusometry

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Over the last several decades NMR diffusion measurements have evolved into an ever more powerful suite of tools for non-invasively studying translational dynamics. Most modern spectrometers are now capable of performing standard NMR diffusion measurements. The information content available ranges from estimates of translational diffusion in free solution from which solution structure and molecular size can be studied, to information on characteristic distances when the motion occurs within restricted systems. When coupled with electric field pulses it is possible to measure electrophoretic mobility. Thus, it is now possible to separate the resonances from a sample containing a mixture of species on the basis of size or charge. Experimental and theoretical advances in NMR diffusometry have increased the accuracy, information content and range of applicable systems including clinical applications. This chapter touches upon all of these issues.


Diffusion DOSY Electrophoretic NMR PGSE NMR Restricted diffusion 


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