NMR-Based Metabolic Phenotyping Techniques and Applications

  • John C. Lindon
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Determination of the comprehensive small metabolite constitution of biofluids and tissues through untargeted and targeted methods and the characterization of changes in abnormal situations is usually accomplished using both NMR spectroscopy and chromatography linked to mass spectrometry. The approach has been termed variously metabonomics, metabolomics, and metabolic phenotyping. Here the use of NMR spectroscopy in metabolic phenotyping is described with a brief history of the development of the approach, a summary of the techniques used and a survey of past and current applications in drug adverse effects, disease diagnosis and prognosis, personalized or stratified medicine approaches, and evaluation of population risk factors from large-scale epidemiological studies. The concept of dedicated phenome centers is introduced.


Adverse effects Chemometrics Disease Diagnosis Efficacy Epidemiology Magic-angle spinning Metabolic phenotyping Metabolomics Metabonomics MS NMR Statistics Pharmacometabonomics Personalized medicine Population Pharmaceuticals Prognosis Risk factors 


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