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Academic Self-Concept

  • Munirah Shaik KadirAffiliated withInstitute for Positive Psychology and Education, Australian Catholic University Email author 
  • , Alexander Seeshing YeungAffiliated withAustralian Catholic University


Self-beliefs in school curriculum domains


In a general sense, academic self-concept (ASC) can be defined as one’s academic self-perceptions or one’s perception of one’s general ability in school (Shavelson et al. 1976). This conceptualization of ASC was part of the multidimensional and hierarchical self-concept model for students proposed by Shavelson et al. (1976) and later modified by Marsh and Shavelson (1985). The model puts global self-concept at the apex of the self-concept hierarchy which then branches into two separate facets: (1) ASC and (2) non-ASC, each of which further branches out into specific domains (see Shavelson et al. 1976, p. 413).


Academic self-concept (ASC) has been widely researched, with studies spanning over four decades. The prominence of this research is due to the associations found between ASC and a wide range of educational and behavioral outcomes (Marsh and Craven 2006). These outcomes include achievement (e.g., Kadir et al. 20 ...

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