Encyclopedia of Business and Professional Ethics

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Ethics in Leadership Coaching

  • Pleuntje van Meer
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Coaching ethics, or the role of ethics in a coaching relationship, speaks to relational and organizational morals and competencies for the coach as well as other parties involved. There’s both a need for ethical conduct from the coach and for ethical awareness with regard to ongoing contracting. This is open for interpretation, as the work takes place as an exchange between human beings. Defining ethical coaching or distinguishing it from unethical coaching isn’t definite yet requires the coach’s consciousness as well as moral compassing. In this reflection, we refer to it, as the establishment and clarity of the relational space, keeping in mind a triangulation between coach, client, and at times also the employer or the client’s organization.

This writing aligns with definitions from professional coach bodies, for example, the International Coach Federation which articulates its ethical...

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