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This is a brief account of the first journal published that was devoted to the business ethics or socially responsible business in Asia.


The first issue of the Asian Journal of Business Ethics (ajobe) appeared in January 2012, 87 pages of 216 for the full volume. Its basic aim and scope was described by its four coeditors Alex C. Michalos, Allan K.K. Chan, Simon Shun-Man Ho, and Kit-Chun Joanna Lam as a scholarly journal publishing “original articles from a wide variety of methodological and disciplinary perspectives concerning ethical issues related to business in Asia, including East, Southeast and South-central Asia.”

The idea for the journal occurred to its coeditors sometime after the 2010 World Business Ethics Forum sponsored by the Hong Kong Baptist University and Macau University. This was the third Forum organized by colleagues from these two universities and Michalos, each forum growing greater than the previous one. Given the growth of the World Fora and of businesses in Asia, the founders of ajobe believed that the field of business ethics was bound to continue growing. The creation of an Asian-focused journal seemed to be a natural and necessary development, and the participants of previous and anticipated Fora assured the founders that there was already a network of scholars interested in the initiative. Accordingly, a proposal was made to representatives of Springer Science + Business Media B.V., it was accepted, an editorial board was assembled, and papers called for.

Ajobe appears in two issues per year. Since 2012 there have been 6 volumes, 12 issues, and 76 articles. The coeditors agreed to rotate the position of Editor in Chief among their group, beginning with Michalos and currently with Ho.

The inaugural issue contained papers from the “Third Shanghai International Conference on Business Ethics in collaboration with the Shanghai Association of Ethics, the Shanghai Association of Economics, the University of St. Thomas of USA, and the Euro-China Centre for Leadership and Responsibility at CEIBS” [the Centre for Business Ethics of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences] (Lu and Lam 2012).



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