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Daily Routine in Cosmetic Dermatology

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Cosmetic Approach for Healthy and Damaged Hair

  • Antonella TostiAffiliated withUniversity of Miami Email author 
  • , Alessandra JulianoAffiliated withAEPIT CabeloSilicon Valley Hair Institute
  • , Leila David BlochAffiliated withIPclin Instituto de Pesquisa Clínica em Cosméticos
  • , Miguel CanalesAffiliated withSilicon Valley Hair Institute


The word hair usually refers to two distinct structures, hair follicle, the part locates in the dermis, and the hair shaft, which is the hard filamentous part that extends above the skin surface and varies with ethnicity in diameter and format. The hair shaft can be modified with different cosmetic procedures and also can be damage during the process. This chapter will approach hair anatomy, structure of hair shaft, hair damage, hair analyses, and different ways to process hair changes.


Hair shaft Hair shaft damage Hair treatments Hair cuticle Hair medulla Cortex Cuticle Keratin