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Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Science

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Pregnancy prevention;Sobriety


The practice of restraining from a particular behavior.


Abstinence is a broad term that can cover many different behaviors that one may wish to avoid indulging. Although this term can be used in several contexts, abstinence in regards to sexual intercourse will be the focus. Largely used as a personal strategy to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), it is often associated with the avoidance of vaginal intercourse but can also include the avoidance of all sexual activity. Individuals will often have varying definitions of what is considered to be abstinence, but they ultimately have the same goal in mind.

Abstinence in Sex Education

The topics discussed in sex education is a controversial issue. Assuming that the sex education provided in schools is a driving force behind sexual lifestyles, the information that is taught within these courses should be scrutinized. Guidelines for this information are not univers ...

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