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American Family Therapy Academy (AFTA)

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The American Family Therapy Academy was founded in 1978. It is an interdisciplinary community of family therapy and allied-field mental health professionals, researchers, academics, students, policy makers, and program directors. AFTA studies the interaction between psychological, relational, biological, and sociocultural dimensions that contribute to mental health and well-being (AFTA 2016). Members are informed of topics of concern to those in the mental health field. AFTA holds a core commitment to justice and social responsibility while providing acute attention to underserved groups. Emerging leaders in the field are supported through a variety of initiatives.


The AFTA office is located in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Prominent Associated Figures

Murray Bowen

James L. Framo

Kitty La Perriere

Lyman C. Wynne

Carol M. Anderson

Rachel T. Hare-Mustin

Froma Walsh

Richard Chasin

Evan Imber-Black

Donald A. Bloch

Celia J. Falicov

Janine Roberts

Lois Braverman



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