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Infants in Couple and Family Therapy

  • McKenzie K. Roddy
  • Emily J. Georgia
  • Brian D. Doss
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Though often colloquially described as an exciting new time for couples, the stress of becoming first-time parents very often leads to marital dissatisfaction and difficulties. For most couples, the transition to parenthood (TTP) occurs within the first 5 years of marriage, and with this transition comes a significant qualitative change in the relationship. Research has consistently demonstrated that a decline in marital satisfaction occurs in the majority of couples following the birth of the first child and that these declines persist beyond the first year of the child’s life (e.g., Doss et al. 2009). Furthermore, relationship adjustment during the TTP has important implications for the infant. Indeed, relationship distress is linked to children’s poorer physiological, psychological, and social functioning.

Fortunately, the TTP may be a time when couples are open to, and often actively seeking, parenting and relationship enhancing...


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