Encyclopedia of Bioastronautics

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Space Biomedical Career Pathways

  • Amanda Smith HacklerEmail author
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Internships, fellowships, residencies, and other relevant opportunities that provide experiential scientific experiences and mentoring to students and postgraduates, pursuing careers in the space biomedical sciences.

Increasing retention among students and postgraduates in scientific fields has become imperative to ensuring consistent and stable growth within the space biomedical sciences. To address difficulties recruiting a new generation of skilled professionals, many entities have initiated internship programs, fellowships, and residencies intended to generate interest in space biomedical science careers. These interventions are both immersive and intensive, encouraging exceptional young scientists to explore more rigorous and thought-provoking careers.

Undergraduate Research Experiences (UREs)

Government, industry, and academic entities have been instrumental in increasing participation in the space biomedical sciences, through various Undergraduate Research Experiences...

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