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Jehovah’s Witnesses in Venezuela

  • David G. Stewart
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Key Information

2016 Jehovah’s Witness average publishers: 144,003. Congregations: 1849. Baptisms: 7247. Memorial Attendance: 467,611. Preaching hours: 44.45 million.

Brief History

Bible students visited Venezuela in the mid-1920s and distributed literature, but no permanent congregations were established (Yearbook 1996). Kate and Marion Goas, a mother and daughter from Texas who were fluent in Spanish, preached in Venezuela from 1936 to 1944, going door to door through all of Caracas as well as engaging in outreach to interior cities. Seven converts were baptized. Three missionaries trained at the Watchtower Bible School of Gilead in New York were assigned to Venezuela in 1946; Donald Baxter and Walter Wan remained in the country long-term.

Pedro Morales, who had received a copy of the book Richesby the late Watch Tower Society President J.F. Rutherford from Sister Goas in Maracaibo in the 1930s, met with others who were studying Jehovah’s Witness literature and traveled to Caracas...


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