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Jehovah’s Witnesses in Bolivia

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2016 Jehovah’s Witness average publishers: 25,457. Congregations: 332. Baptisms: 1140. Memorial Attendance: 75,027. Preaching hours: 8.265 million.


In 1924, George Young was the first Jehovah’s Witness to preach in Bolivia (Proclaimers 1993). Young left Canada for Brazil in 1923 and traveled through South and Central America. Young recorded giving an Indian living in the headwaters of the Amazon “1,000 tracts and some books” to take back to his village (Our History 2017). Some Witnesses from Chile also traveled to Bolivia to preach. In 1932, 25,000 copies of the booklet The Kingdom, Hope of the World were distributed in Bolivia (Proclaimers 1993).

Edward Michalec and Harold Morris, American missionaries trained at the Gilead school in upstate New York, arrived in La Paz in 1945 and established the Witnesses’ first permanent presence in the country (Proclaimers 1993). In 2 months, the missionaries held home Bible studies with 41 interested persons or groups. A branch...


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