Pediatric Cardiologist and the Infant or Child before Heart Transplantation

  • Michael A. McCulloch
  • Ryan R. Davies
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Identifying and defining heart failure in the pediatric population is a challenge unique from that in the adult. Continuously changing developmental stages overlaid on a wide array of cardiomyopathies and congenital heart defects frequently result in the late recognition and treatment of heart failure in infants and children. Delayed diagnosis often results in children being beyond the point where medical or surgical management might mitigate further decline, leading to more difficult options: heart transplantation, mechanical circulatory support, or withdrawal of care. This section provides guidelines to nontransplantation pediatric cardiologists for the timely diagnosis and referral of pediatric patients with heart failure associated with biventricular or single ventricle anatomy, as well as associated diseases such as muscular dystrophy or cancer.


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