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Ivani, Antonio

Born: 1430, Sarzana
Died: 1482, Pistoia
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Humanist and politician, Antonio Ivani was born in 1430 near Sarzana and died in Pistoia in 1482. His fame is mainly due to his work as historian and particularly to his Historia de Volaterrana Calamitate, yet Ivani’s historical interests can be explained in a broader context of cultural curiosity shown in his rich collection of Latin letters. Besides several reflections about the contemporary political world – with particular attention toward Turkish expansion – in Ivani’s letters can be found some important reference to the Florentine myth, to the rediscovery of the Etruscan antiquities, and to the coeval philosophical trends, toward which the interest of the author was devoted in particular to Hermeticism and to Marsilio Ficino’s production.

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