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Hilarius of Leitmeritz

Born: ca 1422
Died: 1468
  • Katerina SolcovaEmail author
  • Stanislav SousedikEmail author
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Hilarius of Litoměřice was a Czech humanist, philosopher, anti-Hussite theologian and one of the rare supporters of Lullism at that time in Central Europe. Originally a supporter of Hussitism who spread Franciscus de Mayronis’ views presuming that they were close to those of Johann Wycliff’s, he was rejected by the ecclesiastical authorities of that time. During his stay in Padua he acquired several of Raymond Lull’s works which he brought to Bohemia. Under the influence of his Padua stay, he became a devout Catholic and accepted the position of administrator of the Prague Archbishopric. Among his writings, the history of the city Plzeň – Hystoria civitatis Plznensis – is remarkable.


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