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Haak, Theodore

Born: 25 July 1605, Neuhausen
Died: 5 May 1690, London
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Theodore Haak, born in Neuhausen in the Palatinate, eventually settled in England in 1638 after a number of earlier academic visits. There he formed an alliance with the intelligencer Samuel Hartlib and the irenicist John Dury. When the exiled Moravian Bishop Jan Amos Comenius arrived in England in the winter of 1641–1642, he was met by a welcoming committee consisting of Hartlib, Dury, Joachim Hübner, John Pell, and Haak himself. In 1645, according to the mathematician John Wallis, it was Haak who instigated the London meetings in experimental philosophy and medicine to which Wallis later traced the origin of the Royal Society of London. Haak served the English state as a diplomat and translator in the interregnum, and after the Restoration he was elected to the Royal Society in 1661, proposed by the President, the mathematician Viscount William Brouncker. He remained prominent and active, handling and translating foreign correspondence, and communicating books presented to...


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