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Airlines or airways form a  system or organization which provides typically scheduled flights for passengers or cargo among specified points (Doganis 2012). As an air transport system, it includes its equipment, routes, operating personnel, and management systems. Globally, it consists of over 2,000 airlines which transport over three billion passengers (Belobaba et al. 2009). In 2007, 29 million scheduled flights were made (Belobaba et al. 2009). Airlines may operate as scheduled services or charters, which operate flights outside normal schedules through a hiring arrangement (Cento 2009). Charters “bundle” flights and accommodation packages together, whereas scheduled airlines do not (Truxal 2013).

A scheduled airline in the  United Statesrefers to any civilian aircraft run by a civilian scheduled carrier. The airline, guaranteed a departure and arrival slot, publishes tariffs for passenger services between named cities at usual and specified times on regular flights. Under the US...

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