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Melanoma, Genitourinary Tract

  • Francesca PortelliEmail author
  • Chiara Trambaiolo Antonelli
  • Vincenzo De Giorgi
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Malignant melanoma


Melanoma is a malignant tumor of melanocytes which may involve primarily or secondarily the urogenital tract. In the urinary tract, the criteria to be met to classify a melanoma as primary are no other previous or concomitant skin melanoma, no evidence of regressed melanoma, and a recurrence pattern consistent with the primary tumor diagnosis. Melanomas arising on the penile shaft skin are classified as cutaneous, whereas those occurring on the glans, meatus, corona, inner prepuce, or urethra are mucosal melanomas.

Clinical Features

  • Incidence

    Primary melanomas of the genitourinary tract account for less than 1% of all melanomas (El-Safadi et al. 2014). In the urinary tract, metastatic melanoma is more frequently encountered than primary melanoma. Primary melanoma is more common in the urethra with approximately 150 reported cases (El-Safadi et al. 2014). In the bladder less than 50 cases of primary melanomas (Venyo 2014) and approximately 24 of...

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