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Glomus Tumor

  • Cecilia Taverna
  • Alessandro FranchiEmail author
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Glomangioma; Glomangiomyoma


Glomus tumor is a rare mesenchymal lesion, first described by Paul Masson in 1924, derived from modified myoid cells of glomus body, an arteriovenous anastomosis of the dermis involved in thermoregulation and skin circulation. Glomus tumor refers to a spectrum of lesions that comprises solid benign glomus tumor, glomangioma, and glomangiomyoma on the basis of the proportion of the various components of the lesions, glomus cells, vascular structures, and smooth muscle cells. Usually the lesion is benign, even though glomus tumor with uncertain potential of malignancy and malignant glomus tumor are described (1% of all glomus tumors). The majority of the cases of glomus tumor are solitary and sporadic, while 10% are multiple and associate to mutation of glomulin gene (chromosome 1p21–22) or to neurofibromatosis (Dagur et al. 2016; Palmisano et al. 2018; Khalafalla et al. 2017; He et al. 2016; Szumilo et al. 2011).

Clinical Features

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