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Seminal Vesicle Mixed Epithelial and Stromal Tumors

  • Alessia Cimadamore
  • Rodolfo MontironiEmail author
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-41894-6_4936


Cystadenoma; Cystosarcoma phyllodes


Mixed epithelial and stromal tumors are biphasic tumors with stromal and benign epithelial components (Reikie et al. 2015; McKenney 2018).

Clinical Features

  • Incidence

    Fewer than two dozen cases have been reported.

  • Age

    Patients aged 37–66 years.

  • Sex


  • Site

    Seminal vesicles.

  • Treatment

    See outcome.

  • Outcome

    No recurrences of cystadenoma or fibroadenoma have been reported after excision. Adenosarcoma may be curable by cystoprostatectomy or may be incurable and metastatic (Fain et al. 1993; Laurila et al. 1992).


These cystic to solid masses can be as large as 14 cm in size.


In cystadenoma, gland spaces of various sizes are lined by non-atypical cells, are arranged in a lobular pattern, and form branching lumens and cysts in a spindle cell stroma. Granular intraluminal secretions are usually noted. In fibroadenoma, the stromal component is more pronounced than in cystadenoma. Hypercellular stroma is composed of...
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