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Scrotal Fat Necrosis

  • Maria Rosaria RaspolliniEmail author
  • Antonio Lopez-Beltran
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Fat necrosis of the scrotum


Firm nodules in the lower part of the scrotal wall.

Clinical Features

  • Incidence

    It occurs in stout or fat boys before puberty. It represents 1% of the acute pediatric lesion arising in the scrotum (Murphy et al. 2006).

  • Age

    It affects children and adolescents.

  • Sex


  • Site

    Scrotum: usually the lesions are bilateral and symmetrical (Peterson et al. 1976). The testis is not involved.

  • Treatment

    Most cases are conservatively managed. When diagnosis is not clear clinically, lumpectomy is advocated.

  • Outcome



Ill-defined gray-yellow nodules limited to the scrotal wall.


Histologically, the lesions show fat necrosis with inflammation (Ong and Solomon 1973).

Differential Diagnosis

Biopsies in this setting are exceptional; the diagnosis in the majority of the cases is clinically done (history of cold exposure prior to the onset of scrotal pain and ultrasound evaluation). Differential diagnosis must be done with fat tumors...

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