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Extracardiac rhabdomyoma; Rhabdomyoma of genital parts


Rare benign mesenchymal tumours with skeletal muscle differentiation

Clinical Features

  • Incidence

    Extracardiac rhabdomyomas are very rare neoplasm, comprising less than 2% of the neoplasm of the skeletal muscle origin. Because of their extreme rarity, the incidence of genital rhabdomyomas is unknown.

  • Age

    In males, the average age is lower than in women, affecting mainly adolescents and infants.

  • Sex

    Only rare cases have been reported in males.

  • Site

    The most commonly affected sites are the epididymis, spermatic cord, tunica vaginalis, or paratesticular regions. One prostatic rhabdomyoma is also reported.

  • Treatment

    Surgical intervention with complete excision is normally curative. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are not usually required.

  • Outcome

    The prognosis is excellent with surgical intervention and completes removal of the lesion, even though the tumors may be deep seated. Recurrences are reported only after...

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