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  • Maria Rosaria Raspollini
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Choristoma of Müllerian-type tissue (Batt et al. 2007) (not recommended).


Müllerianosis is a rare tumor-like entity consisting of an admixture of endocervical, tubaric or endometrial epithelium, with at least two epithelial types present to qualify for the diagnosis of Müllerianosis. The lesion was first described in 1996 by Clement and Young.

Clinical Features

  • Incidence

    Müllerianosis of the urinary tract is a rare lesion and it occurs in approximately 1% of women with endometriosis; the bladder is the organ most frequently involved (Raspollini and Lopez-Beltran 2019). Its pathogenesis is still a source of debate ranging between an embryological origin, metaplasia, and implantation during surgery.

  • Age

    Müllerianosis affects mainly reproductive age women.

  • Sex

    It is a finding mainly in women. Uncommon cases may occur in male patients under long-term estrogen therapy.

  • Site

    This lesion occurs mainly in the dome or posterior wall of the urinary bladder.

  • Treatment


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