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Capillary hemangioblastoma; Extraneural hemangioblastoma


Hemangioblastoma is a benign tumor of uncertain histogenesis that consists of a proliferation of capillaries accompanied by lipid-containing stromal cells. It occurs sporadically or in association with von Hippel-Lindau disease in approximately 25% of the cases. It arises in the central nervous system in the majority of the cases, but it has been described in several extraneural sites, including the kidney and the bladder.

Clinical Features

  • Incidence

    Hemangioblastoma of the kidney is a rare occurrence, with approximately 15 cases reported.

  • Age

    Patients are mainly young adults.

  • Sex

    Hemangioblastoma of the kidney affects both male and female patients.

  • Site

    Urogenital hemangioblastomas arise mainly in the kidney. Exceptional cases have been reported in the bladder.

  • Treatment

    Surgery is the treatment of choice, and it is often performed with the clinical suspicion of malignancy.

  • Outcome

    Hemangioblastoma is a...

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