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Calcifying Nodules

  • Caterina Fattorini
  • Antonio Lopez-Beltran
  • Maria Rosaria RaspolliniEmail author
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Scrotum: Idiopathic calcinosis of scrotum; Testis: Nodular proliferation of calcifying connective tissue


Benign condition characterized by presence of single or multiple calcified nodules.

Clinical Features

  • Incidence

    Uncommon condition.

  • Age

    Children and young adults.

  • Sex


  • Site

    Skin of scrotum, testis, and paratesticular structures.

  • Presentation
    • Scrotum: Single or multiple mobile masses affecting the skin of this region.

    • Testis: Single palpable mass of varying size near the pole of the organ.

  • Treatment
    • Scrotum: Surgical excision of the symptomatic nodules is sufficient (Khallouk et al. 2011).

    • Testis: Due to the undefined diagnosis before the final histopathologic examination, a partial orchiectomy is frequently performed (Akdemir et al. 2017).

  • Outcome

    Calcifying nodules are benign lesions and the prognosis after excision is excellent.


Well-circumscribed yellowish nodules, rarely pedunculated (Gi et al. 2008).


Scrotum: Granular and globular...
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