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Fromm, Erich

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Erich Fromm, though one of the most prolific authors of social psychology and psychoanalytic theory, is oddly less well known than others of this period. This is largely due to Fromm’s multifaceted, interdisciplinary approach, which makes it challenging to locate him within a particular camp of thought. Fromm brought together Freudian theories with humanism, existentialism, Marxism, neo-Kantian thought, elements of Biblical prophecy, Talmudic writings, mysticism, and Zen Buddhism (Burston 1991). Nevertheless, Fromm is most simply known as a sociopsychological theorist and analyst, who combined Freudian psychoanalytical thought with Marxist social critical theory.

Fromm’s intellectual interests and pursuits were likely influenced by his upbringing as the only child in a pious, orthodox Jewish home, where he received extensive Jewish religious education. Although Fromm did not remain active in his Jewish faith, its imprint remained as he studied sociology at the University of Heidelberg...

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