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Oates, Wayne

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Wayne E. Oates (1917–1999) was born in Greenville, South Carolina, and worked in a textile mill as a child. Abandoned by his father, he struggled in his relationships with siblings (Wayne E. Oates Institute). He served as a page on the Senate floor at the age of 14. This experience inspired him to attend college. A Southern Baptist, he graduated from Mars Hill College and received a Master’s Degree from Wake Forest University and then did graduate work at Union Theological Seminary, Southern Seminary, and the University of Louisville School of Medicine. He was the first of his family to pursue higher education. He wrote his dissertation on Freud and religion at Southern Seminary and graduated with a Ph.D. in Psychology and Religion in 1947. He married his wife Pauline and had two boys (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary).

Oates was professor of psychology and religion and pastoral care at Southern Seminary from 1947 to 1974. He joined the University of Louisville Medical School...

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