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Bonnell, John Sutherland

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In 1962, John Sutherland Bonnell (January 10, 1893–February 26, 1992), known as “Sid” to his closest friends, retired as Pastor of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York City.

Contribution from the Personality Sciences

Although known best through his radio ministry when he succeeded Harry Emerson Fosdick as the preacher on ABC’s National Vespers, his basic contribution lay elsewhere. As a pastor, Dr. Bonnell brought the insights of psychoanalysis into the world of pastoral care in a way that gave those of conservative faith access to that field. In effect, his witness gave the conservative pastor “permission” to see the positive contributions of Freud, Jung, and Adler to the practice of ministry – even though the pastor might not agree with the philosophical or psychological views of any of those three when it came to the Christian faith.

In many ways, through his books Pastoral Psychiatry and Psychology for Pastor and People, Dr. Bonnell opened doors not only...

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