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2020 Edition
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Liberation Theology

  • Daniel J. GaztambideEmail author
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Liberation theology is a Christian theology that originated in the Latin American Catholic Church in the 1960s, but which can today can be found around the world in North America (e.g., Black Liberation Theology), Africa (e.g., African Women’s Theology), and Asia (e.g., Minjung Theology). In Latin America it grew out of the efforts of Catholic priests who related theology to Karl Marx’s theories of social analysis in order to become more socially conscious of the conditions of political and state oppression and to relate theological reflection about the nature of economic and social oppression to the needs of the Latin American poor for social justice. Considering God to be a God of justice and Jesus as not only the savior of mankind but the liberator of the oppressed, liberation theologians lived among the poor as an act of solidarity, making a preferential option for the poor and protesting the unjust conditions that afflicted them through political activism, community work, and...

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