Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion

2020 Edition
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Biblical Psychology

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Mindfulness, a Buddhist view of human experience, is widely employed in psychology today. Every major religion offers a view of human experience, i.e., a spiritual psychology. The most popular is the biblical view. There are two billion people in the world who say they are Christian, one billion Muslims, 0.8 billion Hindus, 0.4 billion Buddhists, 0.02 billion Jews, and 1.6 billion people who are none of the above. The biblical view is shared by those who call themselves Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

There is more than one biblical view. For example, in the book of Joshua, there is a ferocious attitude toward people of other religions (“kill the Jebusites”), whereas Jesus taught us to live peaceably in a pluralistic society (“love your neighbors”).

The Bible’s God-Centered Approach

The Bible from a Christian perspective offers a God-centered view of people. God is the creator, rescuer, and goal of humans. Comparing today’s popular psychology with the biblical approach is like comparing...

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