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Indian Pilgrimage

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Travel for the sake of the experience, created by the travel itself – historically known as pilgrimage – remain a popular and even increasing form of travel. (Valsiner 2012)

Pilgrimage is an ancient form of travel (Valsiner 2012). Pilgrimage has always been counted as the most common reasons of travelling among all the other reasons since antiquity around the world. The words “pilgrim” and “pilgrimage” have been carrying number of meanings since ages. The English term “pilgrim” originally comes from the Latin word peregrines, which means “a foreigner, a stranger, someone on a journey, or a temporary resident.” It describes traveler who is making brief journey to particular place, or someone staying on for short or long period in a foreign land. Peregrinatiowas the state of being or living abroad (“pilgrims”). The study done by Stockholm University in 2011, on why people does pilgrimage, declares that, pilgrims visit the Holy Land to touch and see the physical manifestation of their...

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