Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion

2020 Edition
| Editors: David A. Leeming


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Definition and Meaning

Interdisciplinaritycompares, contrasts, puts into dialog, and potentially combines multiple academic disciplines for a more holistic field of study. It is the formulation of a new, interdisciplinary field of study in order to consider each discipline in a larger and interrelated context. The need for the larger context is often created by a purpose or theory or problem that needs a larger solution than would come from within one discipline or one profession. In this Encyclopedia, we consider the dialog between the discipline of Psychology, a Social Science, and Religion, from the Humanities. Ethics can also be involved, as well as Philosophy and Theology. We examine how each discipline influences, contrasts, compares, and integrates with the other to address the larger concern for understanding human experience, history, tradition, and life in the intersection of the two or more disciplines. Another example would be Medicine, Biology, Anthropology, and...

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