Cybersecurity Space Operation Center: Countering Cyber Threats in the Space Domain

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The focus of this article is to describe the rapid changing nature of space systems where the electromagnetic spectrum and cybersecurity aspects coexist, leading to a “change of course” to ensure secure space communications. Space systems must be designed to achieve cyber resilience. Existing vulnerabilities must be mitigated as resulted from a risk management methodology. To avoid compromises of security, a security monitoring mechanism and incident response for space systems have to be implemented. The authors provide an analysis of the functional capabilities and services of a “cybersecurity space operations center.” System monitoring is essential in view of obtaining a cyber situational awareness and decision-making for space missions. Security operation center-related services could be built up in a permanent or in an ad hoc mobile infrastructure. An integrated cyber range capability to test, train, and exercise over modeled and simulated space systems will improve space operators’ skills when confronted with time-critical interventions.



This article is a product of the authors. It does not represent the opinions or policies of the European Defence Agency or the European Union and is designed to provide an independent position.


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  1. 1.European Defence AgencyBrusselsBelgium
  2. 2.RHEA GroupWavreBelgium
  3. 3.Royal Military AcademyBrusselsBelgium

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