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Arterial Resection in Pancreatic Cancer

  • Declan F. J. Dunne
  • Jörg Kleeff
  • Vincent S. Yip
  • Christopher Halloran
  • Paula Ghaneh
  • John P. Neoptolemos
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Pancreatic cancer surgery is the only potentially curative approach for this disease and remains a formidable challenge. Better perioperative management, increased experience and advanced surgical techniques, and centralization of care have significantly reduced morbidity and mortality rates of major pancreatic resection. Together with more active and effective chemotherapeutic and radiotherapeutic regimen, this has led to an increase use of resectional procedures in borderline resectable and locally advanced unresectable tumors. Especially for the latter, arterial resection is often necessary to achieve clear margins. However, this approach is currently under debate with higher rates of complications reported. In this chapter, an overview is provided of potential indications and techniques as well as short- and long-term outcomes associated with these procedures.


Pancreatic cancer Arterial resection Appleby procedure Locally advanced Neoadjuvant therapy 


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