Nuclear Energy, Introduction

  • Nicholas Tsoulfanidis
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This section on Nuclear Energy consists of 20 articles that cover all aspects of the nuclear enterprise. Here is a brief description of each article.
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    Fission reactor physics. Fission reactors generate the energy used for the generation of electricity. What are the physics principles that make their operation possible? What are their main safety features? These are two of the major items discussed in this article.

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    Nuclear fission power plants. Once the fission reactor is designed and ready to operate, how is the fission energy utilized to generate electricity? The reactor core itself is not enough to complete the task. Many other components are needed for the successful transformation of the energy released in fission into electricity: pumps, steam generators, diagnostics, radiation monitors, etc. It is this side of nuclear power, components, and activities outside the core, which is described in this article.

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    GEN-IV reactors. By any measure, current fission reactor...

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