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AMS Sketch

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AMS sketches are randomized summaries of the data that can be used to compute aggregates such as the second frequency moment (the self-join size) and sizes of joins. AMS sketches can be viewed as random projections of the data in the frequency domain on ± 1 pseudo-random vectors. The key property of AMS sketches is that the product of projections on the same random vector of frequencies of the join attribute of two relations is an unbiased estimate of the size of join of the relations. While a single AMS sketch is inaccurate, multiple such sketches can be computed and combined using averages and medians to obtain an estimate of any desired precision.

Historical Background

The AMS sketches were introduced in 1996 by Noga Alon, Yossi Matias, and Mario Szegedy as part of a suit of randomized algorithms for approximate computation of frequency moments. The same authors, together with Phillip Gibbons, extended the second frequency...

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