Concentric Crater Fill

  • Frank C. Chuang
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Concentrically- lineated crater-filling deposits in the mid-latitude (30–60° N and S) regions of Mars (Levy et al. 2010).

A type of viscous flow feature in fretted terrain



Large, thick accumulation of debris at the base of high-standing crater walls with a gentle downsloping surface and a convex lobate terminus (in cross-section). Multiple ridges and lineations are often observed concentric to the crater rim (Squyres 1979). Surface texture appears mounded and furrowed at 1–20 m resolution. Concentric crater fill may host ring-mold craters (Levy et al. 2010).


  1. (1)

    “Classic” type (Fig. 1), typical of mid-latitudes, characterized by concentric lineations to at least some portion of the crater rim and “brain terrain” textures (Levy et al. 2010).

  2. (2)

    “Low-definition” type (Fig. 2) lacks clearly defined concentric lineations or no “brain...


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