Mare Dome (Moon)

  • Christian WöhlerEmail author
  • Henrik Hargitai
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Low volcanic structures of rounded shape occurring in the lunar mare regions (Head and Gifford 1980).


A type of shield volcano

A type of dome on the Moon


Low shields (Tran et al. 2011)


Small and flat structures, many of which exhibit summit craters (Head and Gifford 1980).


Head and Gifford (1980) introduce a classification scheme for lunar mare domes. They distinguish between three classes of morphologically simple domes resembling shield volcanoes, domes located near mare ridges, domes formed by lava that flowed over rugged highland terrain, elevated highland terrain embayed by mare lava, and morphologically complex volcanic constructs (e.g., in the Marius Hills). Lena et al. (2013*) describe the ranges of morphometric quantities and spectral properties characterizing the different dome types.


Low domes of diameters less than about 20 km with heights below 500 m (Tran et al. 2011; Lena et al. 2013*) and average flank...


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