Encyclopedia of Medical Immunology

2014 Edition
| Editors: Ian R. Mackay, Noel R. Rose, Dennis K. Ledford, Richard F. Lockey

Single-Plex Immunoassays and Autoanalyzers

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Single-plex immunoassays are procedures used in laboratories to detect and quantify individual analytes (antigens or antibodies), one specificity at a time. They involve the manual or computer-automated mixing of individual antigen and antibody reagents together at different steps throughout the assay to permit immune-complex formation and ultimately generation of a final isotopic, colorometric, fluorescent, or chemiluminescent response signal. The measured response is either proportional (noncompetitive binding) or inversely proportional (competitive binding) to the analyte’s concentration following interpolation from a reference curve. This section will use IgE as the model analyte for illustration.


The first immunoassay was reported in 1968 for the measurement of human insulin (Berson and Yalow, 2006). They described a competitive-binding reaction in a series of test tubes...

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