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Relational Algebra

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The operators of the relational algebra were already described in Codd’s pioneering paper [2]. In [3] he introduced the term relational algebra and showed its equivalence with the tuple relational calculus.

This entry details the definition of the relational algebra in the unnamed perspective [1], with selection, projection, cartesian product, union and difference operators. It also describes some operators of the named perspective [1] such as join.

The flagship property of the relational algebra is that it is equivalent to the (undecidable!) set of domain independent relational calculus queries thus providing a standard for relational completeness.

Key Points

Fix a countably infinite set ⅅ of constants over which Σ-instances are defined for a relational schema Σ.

The relational algebra is a many-sorted algebra, where the sorts are the natural numbers. The idea is that the elements of sort n are finite n-ary relations. The carrier of sort nof the algebra is the set of...

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