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Index Creation and File Structures

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  • Eric C. Jensen
  • Ophir Frieder
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Indexing; Inverted indexes


A core element of modern information retrieval systems is the document index. The index is a set of data structures that are constructed from a source document collection with the goal of allowing an information retrieval system to provide timely, efficient response to search queries. The process of index creation typically involves reading and processing the source document collection, parsing the text in each individual document and extracting the necessary features to allow for retrieving and ranking that document in response to a user query. Additionally, indexing systems often use dimension reduction, compression, and other related techniques to drastically reduce the storage footprint of the source collection in its indexed form. Document indexes are frequently stored in a set of file structures that are conducive to rapid retrieval and ranking by an information retrieval system in response to a query.

Historical Background


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