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Data, Text, and Web Mining in Healthcare

  • Elizabeth S. ChenEmail author
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Data mining; Text data mining; Web content mining; Web data mining; Web mining; Web structure mining; Web usage mining


The healthcare domain presents numerous opportunities for extracting information from heterogeneous sources ranging from structured data (e.g., laboratory results and diagnoses) to unstructured data (e.g., clinical documents such as discharge summaries) to usage data (e.g., audit logs that record user activity for clinical applications). To accommodate the unique characteristics of these disparate types of data and support the subsequent use of extracted information, several existing techniques have been adapted and applied including Data Mining, Text Mining, and Web Mining [1]. This entry provides an overview of each of these mining techniques (with a focus on Web usage mining) and example applications in healthcare.

Historical Background

Given the exponential growth of data in all domains, there has been an increasing amount of work focused on the...

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